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by ryan on November 21, 2016


Teacher Cover Letters Templates


If you are applying for a teacher position, here are a few tips on how to write a good teacher cover letter. No matter how much experience you have in the field of teaching, your cover letter will help you make a good impression.

First, think about all the qualities that make a good teacher. You must be polite, analytic, concise and honest. Include these qualities in your cover letter.

You must show a lot of enthusiasm and explain why you believe you are the person for this job position.
If you have made any achievements in your career, make sure to mention that! If you have done any kind of research in this field, explain it in your cover letter.

Don’t make the letter too long. One page will be enough. Your organizational skills will be seen right here! Organize your personal information in the best possible way.

Here is an example:

Name of the company/person
Phone number/Fax

Dear Mr. _____________
“I saw your advertisement in ___________and I would lie to get the opportunity to work in your school/company. I believe I will be able to fulfill your company’s /school’s requirements.“

Now, this is where you need to say why you think you are good enough for this job. Mention your education and your professional background. Your entire career should be described in these lines.

Explain why you like your profession and mention the values and qualities you believe in. This is extremely important, since you will be expected to teach people well.

Thank them for their time and say that you are interested in an interview. Suggest time and date and leave your contact information.

Finally, end your letter with “Sincerely” and put your signature below.

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