Resume Writing Tips and Templates

by ryan on April 23, 2017


Resume Writing Tips and Templates


1- Start with your mission of life and how you can meet your milestone. Make it simple and clear. Don’t mention how long it will take because Life is the name of continuous improvement.

2- This job is really important for you. This is the sentence that every HR manager or interviewer would love to listen. Your career development and future growth both are attached with this job and you really want to eat this fish.

3- You should mention your purpose after mission. Remember that what you want to be in future is not a correct sentence in fact, how you can excel your career with company’s success is does matter.

4- Mention what job or title of job is your resume is hunting for. Don’t create mess with your magical words or assumptions. Professional people are always short of time. Try to help them in finding you.

5- Try to mention how your selection can help them in removing deficiency. It is clear like water that you have some deficiencies and for that they are recruiting. Mention those words that they really wish to read.


6- Mention in bold words, what makes you very attractive? Your skills, experience, your certifications anything that might help you in proving. Justify your resume as interesting not as piece of dustbin.

7- Be specific to the purpose. Don’t code what is not necessary. Try to depict your resume perfectly build for that post. Less words means less chances of mistake.

8- Try to present an articulate yet concise resume. A resume that reflects professionalism. Your resume should speak itself. Focus of quality not quantity.

9- Opt clear writing instead of punch of words and phrases. Try to use clear and readable fonts. Use A4 size paper and black ink.

10- Be positive. Your attitude is the key and that should present in resume. Your wording will reflect your positive thinking like; “try to meet targets” sentence is full of doubt instead “will achieve target” shows much more than then previous sentence.

11- Strengthen your objective with some hard material like your achievements. It doesnt matter whether your achievements are belonging to a fail job or bad experience.

12- Be prominent by using bullet points and numbering to present data. Your key points should be notable in resume. Remember that “gold” and “old” are same just the difference of “G”.

13- Develop Job related resume. Don’t look or prepare a resume that can be “Adjustable” to all types of jobs. Usually people used a standard format of resume that suits to every job title. This is the worst practice that we do.

14- Give importance to what is the need of employer? What employer is looking in candidates? Only presenting this can help you to win his/her confidence. You probably can hit many objectives with one stone but what objective is your employer want to hit is important.

15- Mention previous experience because it is the wealth that every employer wants to capture. Provide details and time period that you expense there. Remember, experience is only helpful when it can utilize in proposed job. If you are a newbie then you can mention your workshops, courses, summer jobs etc.

16- Show in your resume that you are a strong candidate. Present facts that can show what they might be able to lose if you are not selected.

17- Keep in mind what salary you expect from them. Try to get market research for related salaries post. It will not help you to get job but bring your mind at level.


formatted-basic-word- Professional resume template

new-basic-word- Professional resume template

printable-basic-word- Professional resume template

professional-1-expanded-basic-word- Professional resume template

basic-word- Professional resume template

docs-basic-word- Professional resume template


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