Resume Templates and Tips Continued

by ryan on April 24, 2017


Resume Templates and Tips Continued…


Now start with what “Don’t”

1- Attempt to provide fake information in your resume. Your resume is just like a candidate that can die with such big mistakes.

2- Mention what is your current age. As per fact, it is illegal for an employer to discard any candidate due age, sex, race etc because they are forced to follow “EEO (Equal Employment Opportunities)”. However, they might consider age as negative aspect. For instance; if they need a young blood for marketing. Then your 35 year old age might feel them “too much”. While looking for an experience professional to lead sales force, your 35 year old might look too young for job.

3- Mention all your experience that you earned. Too much experience shows a person with high expectation or over smart. Just try to mention relevant experience. Your 10 years of experience of cooking pizza’s is not worthy for selling ladies garments.

4- Send your resume while addressing unknown persons. Try to write Mr./Ms. Instead writing, Mr./Mrs./Miss/Madam/ Sir.

5- Be in hurry. Try to be your enemy first and critically review your resume as your opponent resume. Try to find out what makes you worry if you are another candidate.

6- Use lengthy resumes that cover more than 2 pages. Your interviewer is not taking one person per day. You are not the one who is interested for job. Your resume should be 1 page or maximum 2 pages.

7- Use “Future Words” will/shall in your resume. Try to remain in Present. Interviewer would love to see words like “your problem is over” instead “I will meet your targets”.

8- Use poor quality printer. If a diamond ring is packed in grocery ripen than no one will purchase it.

9- Show your hobbies on your resume. You are looking for a job and be a serious candidate. Obviously your interviewer has no interest in your poetry.

10- Use general resume templates for job hunting. There are different sites providing which are providing general resume templates. Be careful while choosing any such resume template. Spend some time and choose most relevant resume.

11- Forget to welcome any professional help that you might obtain. Remember you are not the one who takes this advantage.

12- Forget to attach copies of professional certificates if they are relevant. It will add real weight to your resume.

13- Make your resume wallpaper. Your resume is not a piece of art. Avoid coloring background, fancy fonts and images. Don’t make your resume among those which will throw away.

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