Resume format templates

by ryan on September 20, 2016


Resume format templates

This article will focus on some of the areas where people struggle when making resumes using resume format templates.

The common problem that most people face in designing their resumes from a resume format template is that they get too fussy over the design or the style of the resume. You must remember that the style or the design of the resume is not that much important as its content.


If you fail to highlight your qualifications and skills in the proper manner, it won’t matter if your resume had the best design or not. All the fuss about the style of the resume has led people away from what really matters and that is the substance of the resume. The substance of the resume is what is going to impress the hiring manager or HR recruiting teams.

If you incorporate too many elements of style and design in your resume it might draw away the attention of the employer from what really matters and in some cases this can prove to be a big turn off for the recruiting team. Your resume should appear professional and thorough instead of messy and all over the place. But there is a thin line between being professional and being just boring. You must eventually create resume design and structure which lures the reader into finding more about the person in question. The resume has to be as reader-friendly as you can possibly make it.

Structure for a Resume

The basic structure of using a resume format template is mentioned in the following text. First of all you should start off with filling in your contact information and details like name, your residential or contact address, your cell phone number and email etc.

After that you have to write your objective statement. The objective statement is one of the most important parts of writing a resume and care should be taken when doing this. You should refrain from using generic statements and sentences as objective statement that contains no relevant information about your career goals and aspirations. You should keep your objective statement short and concise and fairly to the point.

It should inform the employer what he will be able to gain by hiring you. After the objective statement, you should take all measures to highlight all your skills and achievements. You should also mention your work history in the resume as this will give an idea to the employer about how many successful jobs you have managed to land over the course of your career. You should also give an account of all the formal education you have received in your life.

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