Police Cover Letters

by ryan on October 23, 2016


Police Cover Letters


If you are applying for a job in police, you should know how to write a good police cover letter. The most important thing to highlight here is your knowledge, education and your training. Your specialties should be emphasized and well explained.

– This institution is different from other companies. It is not business, but service we are talking about here. Therefore, don’t make any improvisations regarding your cover letter.
– Stick to the standard form. Be precise and concise. Show that you are a well-organizes, disciplined and systematic person.

– The most important thing is to show that you are dedicated to your work. Always put the service first. You don’t like working day and night and you certainly love spending your holidays with your friends and family. However, you must write quite the opposite – that you are willing to work extra hours, on holidays, and whenever you’re needed. This will make a great impression. Hard work is always highly appreciated and this will show how dedicated you really are to this job.

– Police service requires reliability. They must know that they can count on you anytime. Your cover letter is the best way to tell them that.

– Address the letter to the right person. Include the address and phone number of the police station you’re applying at. Include the date, too.

– Say where you have heard about the job opening and write about your motives for applying. Mention your specialties and your fields of interest. Say everything you consider useful! If you have ever been awarded, don’t forget to mention that, too.

– Show some initiative and ask for an interview. Thank them for their time and sign your cover letter.








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