Modern resume templates

by ryan on September 27, 2016


Modern resume templates

If you are applying for different kinds of jobs online but are not getting interviews from either of them, it is time to make use of a modern resume template for your job application purposes. There are many people that have all the requirements and qualifications for a particular job but they are unable to get any interview calls or make breakthroughs with particular employers.


If the same has been happening to you time and time again it is best that you start thinking about using a modern resume template. Consider it like one of the shows on television where they take an old car and put everything new in it and the process is called “pimping a car”.

Well, maybe it’s time to pimp up your resume a little bit and make you a bit unique and stand out in the rest of the crowd that is applying for the same job you are. This could be just the right time to take your old resume and turn it into something new by giving it the required upgrades and updates that it deserves. Everybody wants to drive around in the latest model of cars and the same goes for resumes. Employers like looking at fresh and new designs for resumes and often praise the creativity by calling up the owner of the resume for an interview.

Tips to Pimp up Your Resume

The first thing that you should do when you are looking to get your resume pimped up is to remember the use of strategic keywords. Hiring managers and employers are always on the lookout for a particular use of keywords and they often use software to find these keywords.

A modern resume template will also not allow you to include irrelevant information in your resume. The best looking modern resume does not have any irrelevant information and this creates a better impression on your potential employer when he is thinking about handing out an interview call.

You should also remove the title of your resume if it is name Curriculum Vitae or Professional CV. There is no need to mention it on the top of your page since if you are applying for a job, it’s obvious that the document is your resume. You should carefully go through your resume and try to identify the things that are irrelevant to what is needed.

It is a good idea to attract the reader towards yourself by highlighting all your previous accomplishments and the different kinds of skills you have acquired by working on different projects through your career.

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