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by ryan on November 1, 2016


Military Cover Letters Templates


If you are applying for a military job, you will have to write a good military cover letter. Cover letters are very important. Your CV will provide information about you, but your cover letter will show other things, like your manners, communications skills, etc.

You will also write about your expectations and about what you are expected to do. You can explain why you believe you are the right candidate for that job position. Always explain everything you say. Your cover letter should be based on good arguments, rather than just persuasion.


Remember, you cover letter can work for you – or it can work against you. It all depends on how well you write it.

Show that you are well organized, analytic and reasonable. There must be order in your writing. Do not leave unfinished sentences and stick to your point. That will show that your attention cannot be disturbed, which is regarded as a great quality in military institutions.

You must highlight your previous working experience and you education. Military is different from other institutions. You have to be very skillful; you have to say everything, but you must never write unnecessary information. Your cover letter has to be systematic and concise.

Improvising is not a good idea. Remember, military is based on rules and tradition, so any improvisation is discouraged!

Don’t be “pushy”. Do not even try to tell them what they have to do. Remember, they are the ones who will make their choice.

Check your cover letter for errors. If you are not satisfied with your cover letter, write it again. It is better to take your time and write a perfect letter.

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