Marketing Cover Letters

by ryan on October 29, 2016


Marketing Cover Letters


If you are applying for a marketing position, here are some tips on how to write a good marketing cover letter.

• Your cover letter should be divided into sections. Each section should be logically organized and it should have its own “story”.

• Take one section for writing about your motives for applying.

• Use the second section for explaining everything about your education and previous work.

• Finally, the last section will end your resume and this is where you will ask for an interview, and thank them for their time.

• You are applying for a marketing position, so you have to show that you know how to make the right approach. Your communication skills will be shown right here, in your cover letter.


Here is an example:

Your name
Your address
Your contact information
The Company’s name/ HR manager’s name
“Dear Mr. ________________
My name is ____________. I saw your advertisement in___________ and I wish to apply for the job position _______________. I am willing to use my knowledge and experience in order to fulfill your company’s requirements and expectations.”
• This is where you need to write about your previous working experience. These are the best arguments you have: your knowledge and your experience. This part of your letter must be perfect, so take your time to write it.

• Find out more about the company you’re applying at. This will make a good impression.

• The last paragraph should be used to suggest an interview. Say that you think it would be great to have an interview, thank them for their time and sign your letter.

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