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by ryan on October 20, 2016


Manager Cover Letters PDF


Here you can find some advice on writing manager cover letters. First, when applying for a manager job position, you have to think as if you are the employer. What would you expect a manager to write about? What are the qualities you would expect to see in a manager?

• No need to say that good organization skills are the most important in this business. You will write a systematic, concise and well-organized cover letter. Your cover letter won’t be too long. Business people never have much time to read all applications, so you will use just one page to write your letter. Use this page wisely.


• Write only the important information. Do not waste your space on describing unnecessary details. Write about your experience and education. If you have made any achievements in your career, don’t forget to mention that.
• The first impression is extremely important. Your cover letter is there to help you make good impression. It can open the door for you – or it can close them. This depends on you only.

• Check your letter for errors. Take as much time as needed to write a perfect cover letter.
• Address the letter to the right person or you can address it to the company.
• Use business format and don’t improvise too much.

• Say why you are applying and why you believe you are the person for that job.
Here is an example:

HR manager’s name/ The Company’s name



“Dear Mr. _________
I wish to apply for the position ________. I saw your advertisement in ___________ and I am interested in working for your company. I believe I will be able to fulfill your company’s requirements.”

• Explain why you believe you can do this job. Provide good arguments and mention your previous experience and your education.

• Suggest an interview, thank them for their time and sign your letter.








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