Functional resume templates

by ryan on September 24, 2016


Functional resume templates


A Functional resume focuses on the specialized skills and traits that you have picked up. A functional resume is also known as a skill resume in some sectors. Functional resumes are mostly used by entry level candidates and applicants who are trying to land their first job.


It is also used by people who have significant gaps in their work history. Functional resumes are mostly used when you have to grab the attention of the employer or hiring manager by making him focus on your different skills and traits.

Employees who frequently move from one job to another or those that have had periods or gaps in their careers use to prefer functional resumes instead of the more commonly used chronological resumes.

A functional resume can easily be created by downloading a functional resume template off the Internet. The format of the functional resume template has been designed to hide the gaps in the employment history of the applicant and focus more on his acquired skills over that time period.

A general outline for creating a functional resume format is given in the following article. A functional resume should be used when you need to apply for a job position that focuses more on your skills and particular qualities.

Functional resume

A functional resume should start off with your contact information which should include your name and postal address along with your state, zip code and city. You should also give complete telephone details that include your residential as well as mobile phone number so that there will be no doubt about missing the interview call in case your resume is selected. You should also not forget to mention your email address.

The most important thing to mention in a functional resume is the career objective statement which will tell the employers what kind of a job you are looking for. You should also provide a brief history of all the important places you have worked. After that you should mention your skills and particular qualifications and trainings that you have acquired over time while working with different companies.

The skills that you have acquired by working with different companies should be listed in chronological format of the importance of the job position that you were holding.

Explaining your capabilities to the employer will also mean that you have to should your interpersonal communication skills as these skills are perhaps the most important for progressing in a particular job field. It should be your duty to setup an effective mode of communication between yourself and your potential employer.

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