Free creative resume templates

by ryan on September 18, 2016


Free creative resume templates


Too much creativity can sometimes lead to your message to getting obscured in all the heavy artwork. Designing a well thought out creative resume is not that easy as it sounds.


It is good to think about ways to spice up the way your resume looks but you should keep in mind that you have to present your career strategy and proposition value clearly. The problem with most free creative resume templates is that they end up obscuring the message you are trying to deliver through your resume.

Restrictions of Creative Resumes

You also have to beware about some of the constraints that you will have to face in case you are emailing the resume to someone. You must send a MS word version of the resume to your recruiters because PDFs are not detectable by most tracking systems for applicants and this means that your resume won’t reach its desired destination for weeks and even months. Most probably it will get lost somewhere in obscurity so always check if you the recruiters are providing the option for PDF formats or not.

If you don’t use the standard fonts available across all MS Word formats, your creative resume will end up losing the fonts by the time it reaches the recruiters computer.

There are only some specific fonts that can work across all formats like Arial, Georgia, Times New Roman, Trebuchet and Tahoma. A very good point to remember when designing creative resumes is to put yourself in the shoes of the manager or recruiter and look at your resume from their point of view. This tip is not only for creative resumes but applies for all kinds of resumes.

The best way to use free creative resume templates is to completely forget about yourself and start thinking about what the hiring manager would want to see on your resume. You should put yourself in his shoes and think about the qualities and other talents that he will be on the lookout for. It is always a good idea to do a little bit of research about the company and read about their objectives before applying.

This way, you will find that you can develop a resume that is closer to what the employers are looking for. There are lots of other things you can do to get an idea about what kind of people a particular company is looking to hire. As you go through different job postings and read about different companies, their current situation and the products they are offering, you will be better able to understand the things you should avoid while designing resumes.

Another good tip to remember when designing creative resumes is to make a strong impression with your introduction. You can get ideas from different creative resume templates about the kind of summary you should use.

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