Business Cover Letters

by ryan on November 14, 2016


Business Cover Letters


If you want to make a good impression when applying for a job, you will have to write a good business cover letter. You will show how skillful negotiator you really are. Your talents and communication skills will be highlighted right there, in your cover letter.

Cover letter is the first personal contact you have with your potential employer. That is why it makes a stronger impression than your CV can ever make. Here you will show how good you really are.

– You have to show that you have enough self–confidence. Be polite and don’t be too “pushy”, as if you are trying to sell something. Provide some good arguments and explanation for everything you write. If you say that you are well experienced, you have to mention your previous work.


– If you have made any achievements in your previous work, make sure to mention that, too.

– You should be well informed about the company you’re applying at. Also, show some knowledge regarding the job position you are applying for. This will make you sound more serious and more reliable.

For example, you can do some research on the company and the nature of their business. Say how you can fit in their company’s needs. You can suggest several ways of adding value to the company’s business.

– Don’t make your business cover letter too long. Remember, being concise is highly appreciated in any business. You will show some respect for their time.

– Ask for an interview and say that you are looking forward meeting them in person. Suggest time and date, or you can say that you are available anytime.

– Read your letter and check for any errors. Your business letter should be perfect, so don’t let typing errors ruin it.







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